Thursday, July 7, 2011

Report Card: Whitecaps FC Versus Columbus Crew

Despite missing three of their best players to injury, it was a solid performance by the Whitecaps and a game that they deserved to get the full three points but a late goal by the Crew cost the club a necessary result.  The backline was very organized and even before the penalty miss the Whitecaps should have been up on Columbus by a couple of goals.  The red card late in the game to Shea Salinas took a lot of energy out of the players and the supporters in the stands.


Camilo- One of the most consistent performers for the Whitecaps over this losing streak, Camilo once again had a dynamic performance and was easily the best Cap on the pitch.  He had multiple chances of his own, could have scored one or two, and also set up Salinas for his opportunity.  GRADE:  B+

Omar Salgado- In his first start at Empire, the first overall pick had one of his performances of the year and showed a physical side to his game around the net.  Salgado seemed to be involved in the play more, including picking up the ball and darting down the field before just missing the net. GRADE:  B-


Nizar Khalfan- After a couple of solid performances coming off the bench, Khalfan earned his first start in about four months.  He showed great pace down the sideline and was able to whip a cross into the box on a regular basis.  GRADE:  B

Gershon Koffie- The Ghanaian teenager had one of his better games in the central midfield after a number of subpar matches in the previous weeks.  Koffie was very good with his passing and tackling and even got a couple of shots on target.  GRADE:  B

Shea Salinas- After not performing up to his standards in the three game road trip, Salinas was one of the better Caps on the night as he took on defenders and had one of his shots hit the post.  His grade would have been higher if not for his ejection because of a reckless foul which sapped the energy out of the home team. GRADE:  B

Peter Vagenas- The MLS veteran finally performed to his level as he played the role of the marshal in the central midfield.  Vagenas did not allow the midfield to fall into the control of the opposition and he was able to connect better with his teammates. GRADE:  B-

Terry Dunfield- The alternate captain had another frustrating game as his missed penalty kick would have given the Caps the lead with less than twenty minutes in the game.  It’s very clear that the pressure is affecting him and his confidence is at a low. GRADE:  C+

Micahael Nanchoff- There was very little time for Nanchoff to make an impact in the game as he was a late substitute coming on for Salgado.  His cross late in the game almost earned the Whitecaps a result in the game.  GRADE:  C+


Alain Rochat- The Swiss international continues his stellar season with another strong performace, this time in the center of the backline.  It hard to tell which position suits him better but one thing is for sure is that makes playing either position look easy.  GRADE:  B+

Jonathan Leathers- After struggling in the Canadian Championship against TFC, Leathers had a bounce back game playing on the left side.  He allowed the game come to him defensively and then made the jump into the attack when needed.  GRADE:  B

Michael Boxall- With every game that goes by, Boxall is becoming more and more comfortable in his 
enforcer role on the backline.  In addition to his physical play, Boxall is improving with finding his teammates as the team transitions into attack mode.  GRADE:  B

Wes Knight- The South Carolina native put in a hardworking performance and kept the dangerous wingers on the Crew at bay.  He used his pace to make some dangerous runs into the final third but unfortunately nothing came of them.  GRADE:  B


Joe Cannon- It was solid work by the MLS veteran as he organized the backline and controlled the balls coming into his box.  Cannon was in the right position to make the saves but had no chance on the late goal by Cunningham.  GRADE:  B


The Whitecaps did a good job of closing down the wings, on the defensive side, and did not allow their wingers to dictate the game.  The midfield controlled possession and did not allow the Crew very much space as they closed down quickly.  When on the attack, the Caps exposed the Crew’s lack of speed and generated a number of goal scoring opportunities. 

While many will justifiably point to the missed penalty kick as the reason the game was lost, it was actually the ejection of Salinas by red card that took the energy out of the game and allowed the Crew a chance to win.  A different bounce here or there and the Caps could have seen a different result.  Luckily for the team they don’t have to dwell too long on the game as the team must prepare to go on the road and face the defending MLS champions in Colorado.  GRADE:  B

This is not the typical 1-10 player rating scale
A:  Superstar Performance
B:  Solid Starter’s Performance
C:  Should Be On the Bench
D:  Not MLS Quality

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