Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is Ornoch An Option For The Whitecaps?

Late yesterday it was reported that Canadian international Andrew Ornoch was not offered a contract by TFC as it was assumed it would be at the beginning of the transfer window.  The initial offer was proposed by the interim management team which was enticing the 6-3 striker by the fact that he bought out his own contract.  However, when new management led by Aaron Winter took over the Toronto club, the offer was rescinded and Ornoch was left out in the cold.  Also in the same report Ornoch is said to be understandably upset with this news and feels he was misled by TFC but may have some other options in North America and Europe.  

The twitterverse has been making assumptions that the North American option is a potential offer from the other Canadian MLS franchise, the Whitecaps.  The team is familiar with Ornoch as he brought in on trial Vancouver last year when they were looking at potential MLS players.  Whether it was contract demands or the club was not enamoured with the skillset Ornoch brought him, the Whitecaps did not sign him.  The only negatives that the Whitecaps might have seen in him are a possible lack of speed or fitness to fit their system as he seems has good size and adequate scoring ability for a target striker. 

With less than five days left in the European transfer window and no signings as of yet, the majority of supporters may think that the Whitecaps are getting desperate and are prime to sign the Canadian.  However, there are many other leagues where the transfer window will still open like Norway and Sweden for example as their abilities to move players will last to the end of March, not that the Whitecaps should wait that long.  The Whitecaps may bring Ornoch in for another look but if they weren’t interested in the summer to offer him a D2 contract then the chances that they change their mind now are slim.  No matter how much supporters want a forward signing, it's would be wiser for the Caps to stay patient as desperate moves can cause damage to franchises, just ask TFC fans.

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