Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Quota Is Not A Problem For Whitecaps

After much negotiation with the CSA, the MLS announced that there would be a Canadian player quota for the Whitecaps and TFC in 2011.  Overall it was reduced from eight players that TFC required last year to each team needing to have three Canadians under contract.  Both teams already have the quota filled on their roster as the Whitecaps have three signed for 2011 and Toronto have five on their roster.  There may be even more Canadians signed by each team as they a number of players on trial during the preseason.

November saw academy product Philippe Davies become the first Canadian and homegrown player signed as part of the first group of players signed from the Division 2 team.  After transfering during last summer local product Terry Dunfield impressed the team enough to earn a MLS contract.  Alain Rochat was the latest player that fit the criteria as while he was born in Quebec, the majority of his life was spent in Swizterland.  Fortunately for the Caps, Rochat helps meet the quota as he holds a Canadian passport.

There are four players in camp that are under consideration to make the rosters as Canadians.  Midfielders Kyle Porter and Russell Teibert are the best bets of the four to make the team and as a bonus both of them are academy products and will not count against the cap.  Although not born in Canada, Scotland international defender Ryan O'Leary qualifies as Canadian through his mother's citizenship and holding a passport.  Draft pick Joe Anderson is a bit of a longshot but may be able to slide in as a developmental player if he impresses in camp.  The U20 player of the year Ethan Gage is not in camp, as he had a trial with Reading FC in England, but will be welcomed back if the trial didn't suceed in earning a contact overseas.

The compromise that was met is a good balance between those who feel there should be quota so Canadians can develop players and those who feel the best should be on the roster regardless of citizenship.  This will give the Whitecaps time to develop players through their academy system and more and more natives of Canada to their senior roster.  As Whitecaps management have said that within a few years they could see up to ten or more Canadians on the roster, quota or no quota

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