Thursday, June 2, 2011

Report Card: Whitecaps FC Vs Chivas USA

The Vancouver Whitecaps entered their game against Chivas USA with hopes that the coaching and philosophy change would turn the fortunes of the club around.  However it was similar story as the Caps could not bury their chances which allowed Chivas to take the lead early in the second half.  Luckily for the Caps they were able to score one of their own to draw the game and earn the single point.  Of course who knows what could have happened if Hassli’s tackle wasn’t deemed a straight red card.


Eric Hassli- After making it through so many games with rarely giving away a foul, it seemed like Hassli was behind his rash of cards but he received a red for a late challenge with about twenty to go in the match.  While the call was harsh, it was an unnecessary tackle in the final third and Hassli can’t put the referee in that position.  Before the sending off the Frenchman was very dangerous as he hit the bar in the first and a back heel pass eventually led to Camilo’s goal.   GRADE:  B

Davide Chiumiento- It was Chiumiento’s first game as a withdrawn striker behind Hassli so it should be taken in consideration when looking back at his play.  While he continued strong distribution throughout the pitch, Chiumiento seemed to get lost when he got close to box and lacked conviction when making attempts on goal.  GRADE:  B-

Omar Salgado- It was a difficult position that Salgado was when he was subbed in as the lone striker in the 4-4-1 after Hassli’s ejection.  He did have a chance on goal but missed a cross that was directed toward him into the box.  GRADE:  C+


Camillo- With Chiumiento taking an inside role, Soehn moved Camilo to a wide position in the midfield where he was able to make his regular runs at defenders.  The Brazilian has been one of the more dangerous Whitecaps over the last few weeks and was rewarded with a goal.  He was a bit lucky on the goal as the ball just happen to find him in the box where he was able to score with a clinical finished    GRADE:  A-

Gershon Koffie- The Ghanaian teenager picked up his game as his partner in the center was making his debut in MLS.  Except for the goal and the final twenty minutes when the team was a man down, Koffie rarely allowed Chivas midfielders very much space in the center.  Koffie even started picking his spots moving forward which he has rarely done in previous matches.  GRADE:  B+

Shea Salinas- A more consistent game by Salinas which included his more of his runs that breakdown the defenders including the one that eventually led to Camilo’s goal.  If there is one part of his repertoire that Salinas can improve on is his crosses, which are rarely on target, as it will force the other team to stretch in their coverage.   GRADE:  B

Russell Teibert- The homegrown product was brought in for Chiumineto when Hassli was sent off with the red card.  Teibert made more of an impact in this game than the previous few when he came on as a sub as he made some good runs down the left side and put in some dangerous crosses.  GRADE:  B-

Alex Morfaw- It took Morfaw some time to get in a flow of the match as the Cameroonian midfielder saw his first MLS action this year.  While he was not as impactful as Dunfield in the tackling department, he did not give the ball away in dangerous spots and brought a lot of hard work to the pitch.  GRADE:  C+
Jeb Brovsky- Because he came on as a sub late in the game, Brovksy could not impact the game but he did show a new wrinkle in his game.  Normally the rookie has played his time on the pitch as a central midfielder but in this game Brovsky came on for Salinas and played wide right in the midfield.   GRADE:  C+


Jay DeMerit- Take away his game saving clearance off the line from the blast off of Labrocca and DeMerit still had a quality game.  The American defender is always in the right place and his tackles are always timed properly to avoid a foul.  He once again provided leadership along the backline which included shouting instructions to Bilall Duckett in his first game this year.  GRADE:  B+

Alain Rochat- One would think that with DeMerit finding his form on the pitch that Rochat’s game would even get better.  He still is one of the better defenders on Vancouver’s roster game in and game out and while he is as always strong defensively, there is a lack of attack in his overall play.  GRADE:  B

Mouloud Akloul- After spending time on the bench, Akloul got his first start in quite a few number of games.  He combined well with DeMerit and kept the strikers off the scoresheet including a rundown of Braun in which Akloul dispossessed the forward of the ball in the box.  GRADE:  B

Bilal Duckett- The second player to make his debut in the MLS for the Whitecaps tonight, Duckett didn’t look out of place on the pitch.  The third round pick made some good clearances in the box and even attempted on the rare occasion to make a run down the line.   GRADE:  B-


Joe Cannon- The former MLS goalkeeper of the year made his second start this season and first with his ankle fully healed. While Cannon had very little to do in the first half he was also very busy in the second especially the last twenty when the Whitecaps were playing a man down.  He commanded the backline and it was effective as the players, in the first seventy minutes, were rarely caught out of position. GRADE:  B+


Another game and another tie but there were some positives when it comes to the new style of play.  Unfortunately for the Caps they weren’t given the full ninety minutes to try the new system as the referee prematurely gave a red card to Hassli.  The red card not only took Hassli out of the match but Chiumiento was substituted off for Russel Teibert.  The Whitecaps will now travel Northeast to Utah where they will visit the previously undefeatable streak at home at Rio Tinto Stadium.  GRADE:  B

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