Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rogers Sportsnet Gain Local Broadcast Rights

The Whitecaps have completed the final piece of their broadcast sponsorship by agreeing with Rogers Sportsnet to broadcast the remaining of their 21 MLS games as a local provider.  By agreeing to this deal with Rogers the Whitecaps were not afraid to go against their shirt sponsorship deal with Bell and completing an agreement with their competitor.  Sportsnet will air 11 matches on their Pacific channel, 9 matches on their One Channel and 1 match on CityTV.  At this point it is assumed that the broadcast team will be Gerry Dobson and former Canadian goalkeeper Craig Forrest.

Including the games to air via the national agreement with TSN, there will be 22 matches broadcasted on regular cable.  There will be a total of 12 matches on specialty channels TSN2 and Sportsnet One which will cost fans an additional charge to view the games.  Another main advantage of this deal is that every Whitecaps game should be televised on high definition as long as the network makes the commitment to do so.  The network did not confirm whether the matches would be blacked out in Ontario or elsewhere in the country as they do for local broadcasts of hockey games.

Schedule of games with network to be air the game can be found here.

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