Friday, May 13, 2011

Whitecaps FC vs New England Match Preview



With Harris and now Hassli unavailable for injury, Camilo will need to return to his scoring ways that he displayed early in the season.  Most likely he will be paired with either Omar Salgado or Nizar Khalfan, each of whom bring different skills up front.

After a couple of teams passed the Revolution picked up Benny Felihaber in the allocation draft as they were looking for him to help the attack.  The attacking midfielder has had to play in a couple different spots but his most natural position is in the central midfield.


The captain returned from a lengthy absence and made an immediate difference on the pitch as Jay DeMerit controlled the backline with authority allowing the midfield to push forward to get the equalizer.  It has not been announced whether he will start or see time off the bench.

The 1st rounder AJ Soares is having a solid season in the center back position for the Revs as he has started all eight of the games he was eligible to play (missed 1 game to red card).  The rookie shows great poise and intelligence on the field as he seems to be in the right place at the right time defensively.


The Caps were saved on Wednesday as Davide Chiumiento scored in injury time to salvage a point. In addition to his obvious skills, the Swiss born playmaker has started playing hard as well as showing great fitness levels as he now rarely comes off the pitch late in the game.

In the game versus Colorado Sharlie Joseph was to the closest to scoring for the Revs in the 0-0 draw as he just missed a header in the box.  The Revs leading goalscorer is now taking on more of a defensive role especially with the additions of Lekic of Felihaber to the team.


Last Game: 1-1 Draw vs San Jose Earthquakes

Last Game:  0-0 Draw vs Colorado Rapids


Up front the Whitecaps will see Camilo start with either Salgado or Khalfan as his partner.  If Dunfield starts on the bench then the central midfield could consist of Koffie and Brovksy with the wingers being Chiumiento and Salinas.  Leathers will return to the backline on the right side while Wagner takes on left back spot as Rochat gets his first game off.  It’s unclear if DeMerit will start or come off the bench but if he does start then Akloul or Janicki will be on the bench.  Jay Nolly should be starting in goal for another game.

It’s unknown what formation the Revolution will implement as they have used a 4-3-3 and a 4-4-2 (diamond) formation in the last few weeks.  Recent signing Rajko Lekic will be the target forward with Boggs and Mannsally being the wingers to help on the attack.  The central midfielders will be Joseph, Felihaber and either Phelan or McCarthy playing the holding midfielder role.  With the injury to Domi, Tierney will play at left back while Alston starts on the right side.  The youngster Soares will be joined by MLS veteran Ryan Cochrane in the middle in front of Matt Reis in the net.


OUT:  MF John Thorrington(calf), Atiba Harris (knee)
DOUBTFUL: FW Eric Hassli (hamstring)

OUT: MF Ousmane Dabo (adductor), DF Didier Domi (quad)
DOUBTFUL:  MF Marko Perovic (knee)



The Whitecaps are in the midst of a tough stretch and the Revolution know it as they look to take advantage of the tired expansion squad.  So far this season there hasn’t been a team that has won a game travelling to the opposite coast so the chances of the Caps securing their first road victory is small.  In addition to the travel the Whitecaps will be without their DP Eric Hassli, who has a hamstring injury, and their best player this year Alain Rochat, who is getting a well-deserved rest.  

New England will surely attack from the outset as they have struggled to score in recent matches including the 0-0 draw last week against Colorado.  The Whitecaps will need to play very tight in the central midfield as it is the main strength of the Revolution’s attack.  With Domi missing due to injury there will be a lack of quality service from outside so keeping compact centrally will be vital to keep the game close.  While Domi will not be in the lineup, the Caps will have two players who were signed after their first matchup as both Felihaber and Lekic were added as the transfer window closed.  

The Caps will have to withstand the initial attack and if they can do that there is a chance a result could be had on the road.  Chiumiento will be the key to the Caps attack with all the missing players and will obviously get extra attention from the Revolution defenders.  If the Whitecaps can keep it even late in the game they have shown a tendency to take over the last twenty minutes where they have scored the majority of their goals.  It would be just like the Whitecaps to surprise and pull out their second victory when the majority of both experts and fans are expecting a loss.

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